Fair PharmaCare Calculator

You can view an estimate of the Fair PharmaCare plan financial assistance you can receive as of January 1, 2019, by entering the information requested below.

1. Were you or your spouse born in 1939 or earlier?
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2. Enter your family's net income from two years ago as reported on Line 236 of your tax returns.
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3. Enter any income you or your spouse received from a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) two years ago. This is the amount you reported on Line 125 of your tax return.

This amount is deducted from your net income when your assistance is calculated.
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4. Click on the Calculate button.
The information you entered indicates you would be eligible for the level of coverage below:
  Annual Deductible: Portion PharmaCare Pays:
(once deductible is reached)
Annual Family Maximum:
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Deductible: Each year, your family is responsible for 100% your eligible prescription drug and medical supply costs until your reach your deductible. Once you reach this amount, PharmaCare pays a percentage of your eligible costs for the rest of the calendar year.

PharmaCare portion: PharmaCare pays a portion of your eligible costs after you reach your deductible until the end of the year or until you reach your family maximum. You pay only the remaining cost. For example, if the PharmaCare portion is 70%, you would pay the remaining 30% until you reach your family maximum.

Family Maximum: The family maximum protects you (and, if applicable, your family) from high expenses. If your contributions towards eligible costs reach this amount, PharmaCare pays 100% of your eligible costs for the rest of the year.

Eligible costs: If PharmaCare does not cover an item, you are responsible for the full cost. If PharmaCare does cover an item, it sets a maximum amount it will cover for the prescription, medical supply and dispensing fee. If a pharmacy or medical provider charges more than the maximum, you pay the difference in cost. Only eligible costs count towards your annual deductible and family maximum.

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